What is Machine Learning ( ML ) ?

Machine learning provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is a way of making machines learn, very much similar to the way humans learn.

Imagine a child is asked to fit wooden blocks into correctly shaped slots. He starts off by picking up the square block and sticking it into the circular hole. Doesn’t work. He tries a few more times and finds that the square block fits into the square hole. Eureka! He just learned! Now, every time he sees a square block, he will know to fit it into a squared hole. A machine learning algorithm does exactly the same.

  • The machine learns from existing examples or

  • the machine identifies patterns in the data i.e, the input or

  • it performs trials by learning, making errors, adjusting and finally learning the best possible solution.

A small task for you. Find out which type of learning does the example of the child that I discussed falls into.

Hmm, but what do I mean by learn ? Machines don’t have brain like humans do.

Exactly, this is where MATHEMATICS comes into picture! Machines learn by some complex mathematics concepts, every data for them is in the form of 0 and 1. We don’t want to code the logic for our program instead we want a machine to figure out logic from the data on its own.

But why machine learning? You might ask.

Do you know Facebook is using Machine Learning to tag your friends in your uploaded picture ? Do you know YouTube shows custom video recommendations based on your interest history ? Do you know how gmail knows that a particular mail has to go to priority, social, promotion or spam box ? It's because of machine learning. In near future, every industry will use machine learning to increase their productivity and creativity.

Thank you...
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